Week 9:

Project Gutenberg is a nice concept. At first a thought it might be some attempt by Steve Guttenberg earn a living now that they aren't making any more Police Academy movies, but it seems to be quite charitable.
However the search engine wasn't very good. You can't specify date when conducting searches, and seacrhing amongst subject headings wasn't as easy as it should be. 

Week 9:

I've picked out this podcast for you to enjoy. It's about someone leading a similar life to me. It seems I'm not enough of a wise head to work out how to add the RSS feed directly to my blog, but I've added it to my Bloglines account. 
These podcasts seem to be just the same as blogs to me, but I guess they're for people too lazy to read. There might be some that are OK but they seem to be far out weighed by the boring yapping of nobodies.

Week 9: Et tu, Brute?

I found this interesting case on youtube. Funny how gumshoes 2000 odd years ago spoke the same as we do now. It would be useful if they spilled a little about some of the clips, it would really help you if you're trying to get the rap on some redhot.

Week 8 Cont.:

I've run my eye over the Web 2.0 award winners recently. 
They all seem to be one way or another of finding like minded individuals. No wonder all the drums in this town are closing down.
The best one I found was Last.fm. This site helps you find music that suits your tastes based on information you submit. From what I found the recommendations were pretty good, although I had already heard of most of the outfits listed. 
Heaven knows how you could use this in Libraries, but it's does to micro-blogging what the electric cure does to the Johnson Brothers.

Week 8: Working the mill

Sorry about the lack of communication recently, but I've been out of town working on another case.
This word processing business is all a bit strange to me. Where I come from a typewriter is something you use to take care of your enemies. They say the pen is mightier than the sword, but in this case the typewriter can fill the word processor with daylight.
I prefer Google Docs to Zoho, after all Zoho sounds like Zoro's Gypsy cousin.
The way you can write and save documents while away from the office is certainly handy, but then you can do most of this with Gmail. It's the spreadsheets which are really good, just right for keeping track of expenses when you're out of the city, those used slugs and saps really hurt your overheads if you don't keep track of them.